Following up the inner reflection of last season, the new collection ‚BaseWork‘ offers insight in an inner analysis of a deeply personal topic - the own signature. Designer Mario Keine has looked back and reviewed his own childhood to start an inner reflection on how interests from early stages in life and childish obsessions have had an effect on the own creative signature, predicted it and affected it long term.

Which travels can be seen 25 years later unconsciously in a drawing line, which family festivities can be found in a silhouette decades later?

On a private note, the collection depicts an enthusiasm for costume movies, jewelry and castles, which has evaluated into a work process mainly based on historical references, costumes and costums. Spending multiple hours in kindergarden sketching historic crinolines and renaissance silhouettes, the most recent outing still offers silhouette-prolonging corsages and denim abstractions of baroque Justaucorps.

Alpine family journeys have generated a love for traditional tyrolian attire, yearly travels to the seaside of Greece and Spain are reflected in core-memories that have washed a wave of fascination for navy uniforms and hints of martime detailing.

This childlike narrative is highlited by handsketches based on original drawings from the designers kindergarten time, translated as prints onto wooden pearl necklaces and bags, serving to undermine the straightness in form and finesse in material by a playful yet nostalgic air.

According to the working ethics behind the brand, the entirety of the collecion is sourced from dead- and overstock materials, developed in Cologne, produced in a local production nearby Cologne, making it a 100% Made-in-Germany product.